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About Us

Solarstill LLC is an American company leader in the research, development and manufacturing of advanced solar energy products, including solar distillers and water heaters.

During 2000 we developed the Solatron® solar water heater and boiler product line; a very robust design for harsh tropical environments characterized by hard water, hurricanes, and maritime corrosion. In response to increasing awareness on long term health effects of drinking water contamination, by 2002 the first generation of Solarstill® solar water distillers was developed using advanced vacuum tube technology. For the first time a practical alternative to electric water distillers was made available for homes. It was followed by the Solarstill®E, our new ethanol distiller product line for the production of biofuels or spirits.

Solarstill LLC Solarstill LLC

Developing for a Sustainable World

Because of Population Growth, Global Warming and Climate Change, potable water scarcity has dramatically increased across the world, especially in developing countries where drinking water infrastructure is inadequate or nonexistent. Responding to these needs we developed the Solarstill® P solar water purifiers. A cost effective solution capable of producing large amounts of potable water from virtually any surface or well water source, solely using solar power. Very suitable for houses and villages in developing countries and remote industrial or military installations.

Solarstill LLC has cooperated with the US Department of Energy and the University of Puerto Rico building and deploying several solar houses for the Solar Decathlon competition held in Washington D.C. We are committed to the development of high technology solar products that can provide energy and environmental conservation while reducing the carbon footprint and plastic waste.

Solarstill LLC Solarstill LLC

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