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Solarstill LLC is proud to have solar energy projects all over the world. Not only are we doing our part to curb the human race’s dependency on fossil fuels, but we are also helping our customers save money, and providing affordable options for cheaper energy and clean water.

Solarstill LLC

US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon House, Washington D.C.

We supplied the University of Puerto Rico advanced vacuum tube solar collectors installed in several solar houses developed for the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. This is a biannual competition among US and international universities for the construction of solar houses using the latest in technology.

Solarstill LLC

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Plant, Puerto Rico

Hurricane resistant Solatron ® units were deployed to preheat boiler water and supply hot water to various pharmaceutical manufacturing and industrial sanitation operations.

Solarstill LLC

Miracle Hotel, Cambodia

A hybrid solar/heat pump system for hot and drinking water was successfully installed in a demanding tropical environment. A corrosive maritime environment and very hard water demanded a robust stainless steel design.

Solarstill LLC

Pepsi Cola Plant, Puerto Rico

Solatron units were connected to boiler and heat exchangers to provide hot water for CIP and sanitation processes. The consumption of fossil fuels were greatly reduced.

Solarstill LLC

Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, China

Industrial Solatron units were deployed on the employees’ dormitory building for hot water and radiant heating during the winter.

Solarstill LLC

Shunde Hospital, China

Industrial Hybrid Solar/Heat Pump water heating system was installed. Solatron units were connected to boilers and heat exchangers to reduce consumption of coal and to shrink the carbon footprint.

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