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Solarstill® E Solar Ethanol Distiller Series General Description

Solarstill® E Solar Ethanol Distiller Series General Description
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Product ID : Solarstill® E Solar Ethanol Distiller Series General Description


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Product Summary

Solar ethanol distiller for biofuel or spirits distillation. Can distill ethanol fuel or spirits such as whisky, rum, vodka, bourbon, essential oils, water and others. Complete kit including assembly tools and manuals.

The Solarstill E product line is comprised of advanced technology solar ethanol distillers. Distill your own batches of ethanol fuel using corn, molasses, waste fruits, produce, or any other fermentable farm waste. They can also distill your favorite spirits such as whisky, rum, bourbon, vodka and others. Their modular design allows modules to be interconnected for large scale farm applications or to support industrial ethanol production. Can be fed with any filtered mash and are very easy to clean and maintain. No moving part! The small, compact, batch distiller models are available for the home enthusiast, hobbyist, schools, laboratories or hospitals.

  • Distill your own ethanol biofuel
  • Can distill popular spirits
  • Use renewable solar energy only, no electricity, gas, wood or smoke
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • From small batch distillation to continuous commercial operations
  • Compact, portable models mounted on wheels for backyard, portable deployment
  • With sunshine, will operate efficiently even in freezing winter

Solarstill models come in compact or standard versions. Compact models are smaller, mounted on wheels and suitable for portable backyard deployment. Standard models are larger and more suitable for fixed installations.

Distillation of alcohol for fuel or human consumption
may be prohibited or regulated in your jurisdiction.
Contact Authorities for more information.

Solarstill Standard

Solarstill Compact

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